The New Office Site is Rolling!

Construction site

The new home of Robertson Cosmetic Center is well underway.  I wanted to take the opportunity to show a few pictures and explain some of the small changes that we are presenting in the process.

I know we have sent out an announcement in the fall newsletter, complete with an artist rendition of the new look. The building will be a two-story “multi-use” project with retail on the first floor and our office on the second floor. Right now the first floor has commitments from a soup and sandwich restaurant called Zoup and a full-service hair salon Salon 262 that currently is upgrading from a smaller space in Greenway Station. The developers are still in conversation with other options to fill the remaining 3500 sq feet with either a single business or split into two.

We get the free, private indoor parking in the basement! This will be for both staff and patients! So on those cold Wisconsin days you can park in heated comfort and take the elevator directly to our entrance. However, you will have the option to park on the surface lot and enjoy the beautiful view and surrounding businesses as well. If it’s privacy you seek, the basement parking is ideal. No one will see your car parked, no one will see you coming and going, and once you are actually in our practice a number of private entries (including the surgicenter) continue to respect your privacy concerns. It could not be more convenient.

There will be small changes in the name of the business and its branches that might benefit from explanation. Since we are now all on one site, the business as a whole will now be known as the Robertson Cosmetic Center. That’s because we will have a surgical practice (Robertson Plastic Surgery), a skin care practice (Robertson Skin and Laser Center), and a surgicenter all in one site. Internally, and in various forms of advertising, you might see an emphasis on one of the arms of the enterprise, such as discussing how the Robertson Skin and Laser Center is offering a special on decolletage BBL treatments. But the majority of the conversations you will hear will be branding the Robertson Cosmetic Center.

Our Sun Prairie office will continue without interruption or change. Because it does not have a surgicenter, it will continue to be Robertson Skin and Laser Center. I will still be in the Sun Prairie office with the same regularity that I do now, so in truth, Sun Prairie will keep rockin the same way it already does.

We expect to be in our new home in March. The core and roof of the building will be complete in October, and that’s when the project actually turns to the internal work. We have been working with a great group of architects at Erdman design to bring you a truly comfortable, private, modern setting for all of your skin care and surgical needs. The space and decor will be truly beautiful and inspiring for those who work or receive care within. I know our patients will still feel like it’s as comforting as home, and our staff will remain committed to the relaxed and friendly environment that we already enjoy. We can’t wait! We will keep you posted on the progress.

We have a convenient on-site surgicenter that offers our surgical and non-surgical patients privacy and anonymity. During your time with us, expect the highest standards in patient care within a safe, comfortable and convenient location.

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