Wanna Know A Secret?

Victoria Beckham

What is our favorite product to beat out the winter blahs? SKINADE! And you know what, it’s Victoria Beckham’s also!

Skinade is the once-a-day pick-me-up your skin needs to fight off the ups and downs of Wisconsin weather. It tastes great while stimulating your own Hyaluronic Acid production…leading to plumper, more hydrated, youthful skin!

Ask us for a sample the next time you’re in!

What have patients and staff of Robertson noticed while drinking Skinade?

-Softer, longer and fuller hair
-Nails grow quicker
-Skin is less oily as sebum is normalized
-Less joint pain
-A reduction in the crepiness of arms
-Less noticeable cellulite
-Less fine lines by their eyes and mouth
-No more dry, itchy skin
-A boost in mood
A feeling of being “awake”

Are you looking for a little more clinical information as to why you should skip over the department stuff and look for Skinade…you got it!

  • Skinade uses a class leading 2kd sized peptide that absorbs in the soft tissue of the mouth for a direct entry into the bloodstream. This allows it to work effectively throughout the entire body.
  • Skinade has clinical data measuring increased collagen density after 90 days of use.
  • Skinade is FDA approved, with 22 international professional industry awards and has 3 peer reviewed medical journal articles.
  • It is not always about the amount when comparing collagen. There are 2 main factors to consider in regards to results:
    1. The type of collagen used. Skinade uses the same kind of bioidentical collagen that is found in your skin.   2. The absorption method. Clinical data shows that 90-95% of Skinade absorbs directly into the bloodstream, as opposed to other methods which have roughly a 25% absorption rate.If collagen isn’t absorbed by the body correctly, the amount and type are completely irrelevant.”Skinade is FDA cleared, and is supported by a ton of clinical data which is why it is only sold by plastic surgeons, dermatologist, and skin pros in the US. We can stand behind a product like skinade because it is safe and effective.”

We have a convenient on-site surgicenter that offers our surgical and non-surgical patients privacy and anonymity. During your time with us, expect the highest standards in patient care within a safe, comfortable and convenient location.

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