The Ideal Female Body

Women perfect body

My practice is limited to the head and neck.  But there are times when an article crosses my desk that catches my attention, and this happens to be one.  The trend is that the “ideal” womans body is becoming cartoonish, dominated by full faces, pouty lips, inflated butts, and top-heavy chests.  Unfortunately the plastic surgery industry is facilitating this finding.  Now you can make an argument that the industry is only responding to public demand, but the truth is that the potential for surgery allows the pursuit.

If we review the ideas presented in more depth, two trends come through.  One is that volume is the big trend right now.  New fillers for the lips and cheeks, fat transfers for the face, butt or any other body site are definitely the rage.  That is not really new though.  It’s just that the techniques are improving, and the boundaries are getting pushed a bit.  It creates media buzz.  The second issue is now about vaginal rejuvenation.  It’s the new frontier, with offers of surgery or non-invasive techniques to “restore confidence.”  I am just glad that we don’t offer these services because this is an emphasis that I just don’t understand.

The best part of the article is near the end.  It points out attempts by real women like Amy Schumer to help everyone understand that beauty lies in the confidence of the body and face that we are presented at birth.

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