Specialized Browlifts

Specialized browlifts allow for shaping the brow of patients with previous incisions, high foreheads, thinning scalp, male pattern baldness, or who are looking for a minimally invasive option. During the initial consultation, Dr. Robertson will discuss the options available for your unique needs and help you determine the best solution.

Temporal browlifts are great options for patients looking to lift the lateral portion of the brow. It is less aggressive than a conventional endoscopic browlift due to limited incisions above the ear and still results in a simple, predictable, lasting arch.

Revision browlifts are safe procedures even after a prior brow surgery. Operating in the same depth or “plane” is still an option, particularly because there are no major vascular or neural structures in the area. Revision lifts can selectively elevate a portion of the brow medially or laterally, or can effectively reposition and reshape the full contour. Patients who have previously undergone browlifts and are too elevated can also have this “surprised look” gently reversed.

Male pattern baldness requires modifications of incisions for maximal camouflage. Endoscopic approaches can be placed in the remaining temple hair tuft and lateral hairline to remain hidden. In situations of full hair loss, incisions may be hidden in a mid-forehead wrinkle (called a mid-forehead lift) or immediately above the brow follicles (called a direct browlift). Male browlifts must be conservatively performed in all cases, however, in order to avoid the feminizing tendency of brow surgery that creates the eerily different and unnatural result.