The nose is central to the face, and thus takes a prominent role in the harmony and proportion of our overall appearance. Imbalances such as a prominent nasal bridge, a round bulbous tip, a wide nasal base, or the irregular relationship between each of these structures detracts from the more desirable facial features such as bright eyes or youthful cheek and chin contour. Rhinoplasty surgery identifies the anatomic foundation of the irregularities, precisely modifies the bone cartilage and soft tissue of the nose, and restores the nuanced curves shadows and highlights that identify an elegant, natural nose.

Dr. Robertson has been specializing in rhinoplasty for over two decades, and has been at the forefront of the evolution of technique. Current emphasis is on a more stable, precise, structural approach to surgery, with a priority on maintaining more elements of bone and cartilage that are repositioned as opposed to removed. Such meticulous attention to detail restores the proportional and delicate nasal contours while prioritizing natural results that last a lifetime. Furthermore, function is maintained, making sure the nose breathes as naturally as it looks.

Dr. Robertson has extensive experience with all aspects of rhinoplasty. His expertise allows the appropriate application of endonasal or closed rhinoplasty approaches as well as open rhinoplasty incisions. Architecturally, cartilage sparing techniques are balanced against structural grafts from the septum, ear or rib as needed. Finesse and meticulous technique predictably correct nasal obstruction, irregularity from injury and prior surgery, or nasal disproportions that detract from the natural balance of facial features.