Mini Facelift

A minilift is the most popular type of facelift and also best suited for early facial aging while providing much more longevity, restoration and total area of correction. The procedure starts with an incision carefully hidden around the ear, but then quickly transitions under the SMAS, superficial muscular aponeurotic system, in the cheek and the platysma muscle in the neck (Deep Plane Facelift) in order to gently mobilize the dependent structures. Such deep plane techniques have long been established to give the most natural, lasting and rejuvenative results from experienced facelift surgeons.

The advantage of a minilift is its safety, comfortable week-long recovery, and its versatility. The assertive nature of my minilift technique makes this essentially comparable to many surgeons “regular” face lift, and is often described as a “short scar facelift” by other surgeons. The disadvantage is that it does not fully correct advanced aging changes particularly in the high cheek or in patients with heavy neck bands.