Facial Liposuction

Some of my patients complain of a full thick neck with poor jawline definition. This “double chin” is usually the result of an excess collection of fat just under the skin of the submentum (area just under the chin that creates the angle to our neck). Fat excess makes the chin look weak, the jawline poorly defined and the overall facial appearance heavy. Luckily facial liposuction is a simple office based procedure that effectively and permanently restores the refined contours of a beautiful jawline.

The procedure can be done through a simple incision of only a few millimeters strategically placed in an existing crease under the chin. Using only local anesthesia, the excess fat is precisely and gently removed in order to allow the natural elasticity of skin to contract to a tighter shape. Results are immediate and bruising is so minimal that patients often return to work or social commitments within a few days. And in select patients, similar liposuction of fat collections in the jowls further enhances the resulting jawline.

The ideal liposuction candidate is a younger patient with a full neck and jawline while maintaining smooth elastic skin. Patients with heavy neck cords, excess skin, or full submental muscle volume are considered suboptimal candidates and are usually advised to pursue other procedures.