Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a simple, effective procedure that helps restore balance and harmony in facial aesthetics. Patients who seek chin augmentation often have less developed or less projected mandibles and the result is a jawline that is poorly developed, poorly defined, or perceived as “weak”. Male patients also may see their contours as narrow or pointy, again prompting interest in a more masculine jawline. Regardless of the motivation, chin augmentation is a precise, individualize process that creates some of our happiest clients.

The correct determination of implant size and shape begins with the consult and the use of medical imaging. Morphing software allows visualization of the anticipated size and shape of implant required, and therefore accurate planning. The silastic implants are then placed through a small incision hidden in a crease under the chin, either in the clinic under local anesthesia or with the help of mild sedation. Results are immediate, and bruising is minimal. The added volume not only restores a stronger projection but also improves the skin contours along the rest of the jawline and under the chin. An expert chin augmentation creates an elegant, refined jawline silhouette that subtly enhances all of the other facial features as well.