The new age of the surgical candidate

Cup treatment

It used to be that surgical patients were stereotyped as the older, secretive socialite seeking a facelift. Then the baby boomers came along and brought cosmetic surgery into the mainstream culture. Boomers were quite good at spoiling themselves, and with the advent of minimally invasive options like botox and fillers, interest in cosmetic procedures took off. That explains why the number of procedures has been steadily increasing for the last two decades.

Social media has been the next major frontier, driving a whole new interest in appearance. So it seems like a logical question to ask, “How will the millenials approach the cosmetic industry?”

Clearly this link adds insight. The bottom line is that we are in another progression of interest. Millenials seem to be responding to the most visible aspects of social media, including the stars. As much as I hate to say it, the full lips and cheeks of the Kardashians become goals. The refined nose of a Taylor Swift is requested. The lastest “cupping” procedure that Paris Hilton reported is discussed. And then there is the increasingly visible Gwinneth Paltrow. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if all these personalities disappeared. But their mark on a generation and an industry is undeniable.

We have a convenient on-site surgicenter that offers our surgical and non-surgical patients privacy and anonymity. During your time with us, expect the highest standards in patient care within a safe, comfortable and convenient location.

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