When Should I Do A BBL Laser Treatment?

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BBL stands for Broad Band Light, also known as photofacial. This laser treatment targets unwanted browns and reds in the skin caused by sun and environmental damage. The result is smoother, clearer, and some claim tighter skin!

When is the best time to have a BBL treatment?

Because the laser is targeting the colors of your skin, (the unwanted reds and browns), it is necessary to have the surrounding skin pale in comparison. This means no sun exposure for 4 weeks before, or 4 weeks after any BBL treatment.

How do people have BBL treatments year round in warmer climates?

This answer is easy; it all comes down to settings. Your laser technician is able to customize your treatment to be as aggressive as they want to be based on your skin type. For people with year-round sun exposure, the settings must be lowered to reduce the chance of blistering, hyper- or hypo-pigmentation.

What should I do until I am able to have a laser treatment?

Just because you have to wait until fall to have your treatment, does not mean you need to neglect or skin or do not have other options. Summer is an excellent time to focus on skincare and chemical peels, providing you are an avid sun protection user.

When should I come up with a laser plan?

As crazy as it sounds, June and July are the perfect months to schedule your consultation with one of Robertson Cosmetic Center’s laser technicians. Even if you are a current patient, but have not had a laser treatment before, we want to meet with you before the actual treatment. –There is absolutely no cost for this visit.

How do I get the most out of my BBL treatment?

In all honesty, WEAR SUNSCREEN! This allows our laser technicians the ability to treat aggressively but safely. Also prep your skin with a form of Vitamin A (retinol or tretinoin) to wake up those sleepy cells before the laser targets them.

How many treatments will I need?

While we typically say plan on roughly 3, we do not offer packages. We are not going to tie you to something you may not need. If you achieve the results you are looking for after 1 or 2 treatments, great!

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